So, today for Jews around the world is the most holy day of the year, YOM KIPPUR! On this day Jews are required to fast in order to better reflect on their past ills and mistakes of the past year, and attend an ample amount of religious services that help to facilitate this experience. 

While more religious or observant Jews chose to not even drink water today, some will eat a little to ensure that they do not feel sick, but rather can participate in the purpose of the day. While the Kove is closed for obvious reasons, the caf chose to incorporate a whole lot of HAM in its lunch options today. We felt as though Dining Services reaalllyyy "did it up" today with their incorporation of two ham options for lunch. You could have your pick of a "ham salad" for your wrap, or "baked smoked ham". Ham or any pork for that matter is not kosher and is one of the least "holy" things a Jew can consume. While we have to applaud Dining Services for their typically fantastic job at catering to most students' dietary restrictions, today they missed the mark, big time. 

We are not proposing that we should all act as PC police, but we do think this is an interesting example of how we can think about who we include and exclude in our campus community with regards to religious sensitivity. For everyone observing Yom Kippur, have an easy and meaningful fast, and for everyone, have a wonderful Homecoming Weekend! 

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